All women, no matter where they’re from, share two common wishes. They wish their men would put away the dishes, and two, they wish they had flatter tummies (referring to themselves, not their men, but I’m sure they wish they had flatter tummies too).

Though us women have pretty much given up on the fact that our men will clean up after themselves, we can still hope for flatter tummies.

The easiest and most efficient way would be getting a tummy tuck, and we at PSBAD know hundreds of talented surgeons that can make it happen. But we also know, that the cost or pre-existing medical conditions make a tummy tuck impractical.    

Luckily there are several other ways you can flatten your stomach without surgery, and here are five of the most popular and effective ways you can do it.  

Get your hormones checked  

When our hormones are out-of-whack, our bodies often accumulate excess fat. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, influence our appetite, metabolism and how are bodies distribute fat.   

Many nutritionists believe concept of “one calorie in, one calorie out” is out of dateCalorie intake impacts some people more than others, and there is more and more evidence suggesting that imbalance hormones play a major role in how effectively our bodies burn calories.  

If you think your hormones are out-of-whack, speak to your primary care physician or an endocrinologist so you can get them back on track.  

Eliminate processed food  

This is a hard recommendation because just about everything is processed these days, especially for us in the United States. Processed foods are packed with salt, gluten and high fructose corn syrup, none of which are good for our health or our waist lines  

Ten years ago, I went cold turkey and quit soda completely. It was tough. I loved me some diet Pepsi. But I could see my habit was becoming an addiction. I refilled my 64oz reusable jug every time I passed a 7-11. My visits were so frequently that the cashier starting yelling “Norm” every time I walked in. It was getting bad and I was putting on the weight. But when I quit, I immediately lost eight pounds and my stomach quickly flattenedAnd that was just from soda. I’m sure I couldve lost even more if I cut out processed foods entirely. 

Wear shaping underwear  

You may be willing to exercise and eat healthy but, itll take some time before you see results. In cases where you’re in a rush, and need flatness now, shapewear can be a quick fix.    

Body shaping underwear has come a long way since our mother’s days. Websites like Leonisa and Bare Necessities provide a large selection of stylish undergarments that flatten tummies, making you look thin and trim, without having to exercise. 

Eat healthy  

Lastly, the most effective way to slim your tummy without paying for plastic surgery, is to eat healthy. Yes, I know, ground breakingBy cutting 500-1000 calories a day from a typical diet, you can lose eight pounds in a month.  

The only drawback is that calories counting is tedious and many women before they see results. To solve this issue, many food service startups offer premade/pre-portioned mealthat take away the pain of calorie counting. Flat Tummy and Medifast offer products designed specifically for women who don’t want to fuss with calorie counting but want a reliable way to lose weight and flatten their tummies  

My mother-in-law lost 80lbs and ten inches from her waist by adhering to a Medifast diet. The meals weren’t cheap, but you shouldn’t be frugal with your health and beauty.    

By implementing some of these four strategies, you can get flatter tummy as an alternative to paying for cosmetic surgery. Just remember, losing tummy fat takes time and effort, but when you look in the mirror and see a slimmer you, all your sacrifices and hard work will be worth it. 


Michelle Workman

Michelle Workman

Michelle used to be a rocket scientist but she got bored with all the sciency stuff. So now she writes about more interesting stuff, like cosmetic surgery.

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